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      老人遭遇野猪袭击-Research counter-attack road of Dr. Fang合影:强制休息令,梅西谈科比遇难了解一下Research "counter-attack" road of Dr. Fang Dr Fong research "counter-attack" road newspaper reporter Ren Min had received deferment warning Fangyao Peng, early in the graduation ceremony, Tsinghua University graduate student, as the only student representative took the stage.The face of tens of thousands of spectators, he shared a story about frustration.Deferment of warning Fangyao Peng was born in 2091, grew up in southern Fujian fishing village.Space dreams, seems to be a child, he assured ambition: scorching summer night, lying on a mat in the courtyard, he took the toy binoculars, looking for craters on the moon, the flashing light aircraft often imagined as alien flying saucer; second grade , science and technology classes, he used colored plasticine carefully pinched a space rocket, smugly put on display in her living room window for many years; my father bought "Astronomy common sense", the birth of planets, the mystery of death that he was fascinated; TV series "sea", Dr. Ma Jiancheng double risked his life to develop the courage to long-wave radio to his shocked.When the college entrance examination, Fang Yaopeng with a score of 679 won the Zhangzhou City, Fujian science scholar, ranked seventh in Fujian Province.With this result, all popular professional can pick Tsinghua University, however, he favor to occupy a professional volunteer - Department of Engineering Mechanics.The School of Aerospace, Tsinghua University in the professional, founded by Qian Weichang, Guo Yonghuai older generation of scientists, came here, I mean from their space dreams a step closer.After college, Fang Yaopeng stay in the helicopter began to pursue a Ph.D. degree Tsinghua career.His research interests are in grade material instability analysis.The so-called instability material level, i.e. the carrier material during the load reaches a certain case, the original can no longer maintain stable, homogeneous deformation path.After modification often involves severe instability localized deformation may lead to material failure.The scope of research is the study of solid mechanics, also works in the field of cutting-edge focus.As we all know, classical mechanics since Newtons three laws proposed for more than 300 years of history, especially the theory of solid mechanics is quite mature, for the average doctoral concerned, just a few years, like in the theoretical innovation find a breakthrough point, very difficult.After Dr. enrollment, teacher tried to give him asked: "If you picked up the pace to pick up bits and pieces of other people study, slightly modified, can also have articles output, but soon nobody cares.This is not the standard of Tsinghua University doctoral."With academic ambitions for scientific research, Fangyao Peng decided to choose a higher degree of originality of fundamental research, trying to make their research results have lasting impact, reach more areas.PhD at the previous two years, in addition to classes, he spent a lot of time reading the literature of difficult areas of solid mechanics, solid constitutive relation and so on, while reading a formula is derived using computer programming or verification, he smiled and said: "Tables have spread full of all derivation formula, just like the high school physics, solving the same pen and paper."To Dr. fourth grade, when he experienced the same title defense open with other students, but suffered a big blow."Im Dr. number of papers published four years ago the first author to zero, for the first time Dr. open question is negative, the annual scholarship application received the message I have been silently ignored."Fang Yaopeng still clearly remember the 2017 mid-autumn, after the end of the opening title defense, a department responsible for the management of graduate teacher called him last conversation: open questions the respondent did not pass, you may want to postpone graduation."I was hurt, the probability of failure is very low open question, will the whole school year every year one or two."The feeling of the college entrance exam for once," like a good student suffered exam."Fortunately, with mentor academician Prof. Liu Bin Emil high to give him the maximum tolerance and support, they encourage young people who Kenyinggutou: Tsinghua students to do a first-class academic, will be able to make achievements in the time span and breadth of disciplines tenable.See difficulties is the only after bitter experience, Fangyao Peng began to reflect on their own the first three years of the foundation is not strong, we do have detours when.For example, because of a programming error, leading to the conclusion does not meet with expectations, only to find the omission after more than a month; formula derivation biased, after the report with the teacher, from time to time picked the wrong child; and in the opening report, he just erected basic theory frame, during which a lot of work has not been carried out.He calmly accept the reality, "open question is not passed, is also expected."Calm, does not mean throw in the towel.In order to avoid delays graduation, he began to accelerate progress, often stays up until midnight, sometimes two or three in the morning before going to bed, almost every day, half a day in the derivation formula, reading books and papers are also interspersed with.Gradually he discovered a few years ago feeling very tough article, read more and more relaxed now, before committing programming will derive little mistake, less and less.See it is the difficulty, not only will you win.Academician Emil tutor high with Professor Liu Bin gave him enough free space, and provides a full range of help and support for him.Long conversation topic knee to knee extension and instructors from the academic to the meaning of life, as Fang Yaopeng resolve the frustration and annoyance.The face of scientific problems, Fang Yaopeng in the previous literature and derive their tireless search of inspiration crack problem.Sometimes for weeks trying different ways to overcome a problem, even in the bath, which is still in sleep pondering solution.After six months, he was finally erected in the theoretical framework of the complete system.The second open title defense, he successfully cross the border.Dr. fifth grade, a year Fangyao Peng harvest.He wrote papers for the first time to give a reasonable universal nature metric tensor anisotropy, and notified physical top journal "Physical Review Letters" at the end of last year, the article published online in the New Year.In the subsequent another paper, he gives a succinct general instability criterion grade material, and to solve the problem of instability and soft composite materials, mechanics are top journals "Solid Mechanics and Physics" special Approximations.In April, on the Dalian University of Technology hosted the "four school of aerospace and mechanical Academic Forum", Fang Yaopeng report obtained excellent academic credentials, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yang Wei for his award.Just before graduation, the doctoral thesis pre-defense, he was the first group in the assessment before the defense, he won all excellent; even more exciting is that, in the final scene of reply doctoral thesis, there are meaningful evaluation experts praise Fang Yaopeng work, "the courage to challenge a very difficult problem, most likely beaten.Offer technical Chinese space station science fiction writer Liu Cixin once said, in the long term time scale, in which a myriad of possible future, irrespective of how the Earth reach prosperity, not those future space travel are dim.At present, Chinas space station construction lead strings go, but involving space station robotic arm key technology with the international advanced level is still a certain gap in rail maintenance, construction, space rendezvous and docking.After the baptism of setbacks, Fang Yaopeng step closer to the dream.Fang Yaopeng after graduation chose scientific research to China Academy of Space Technology in the country desperately needs a new generation of flexible space manipulator.The flexible robotic arm to break a lot of the limitations of conventional rigid mechanical arm, is becoming a national strategy of competing technologies by Highland.He told reporters, "Application of soft material in the space flexible manipulator is such that large deformation nonlinear buckling analysis becomes particularly critical, which is the focus of my doctoral research direction.I look forward to playing what they have learned, putting theory into practice."In the future, with the manipulator, it can interact with the astronauts in the cabin, outside the cabin, grab objects can be destructive, help space experiment; robots in civilian areas, it is very promising.In addition to the heights of science at Tsinghua University Park nine years, Fang Yaopeng also love the other thing - blowing large.At the graduation ceremony, he revealed that hes another identity, "Every graduation season, I will be wearing white uniforms and a military band played the school song students, graduates farewell."When young, born to farming families Fangyao Peng has not learned musical instruments, beginning of the school, student recruit new troupe, he happily ran Registration.Perhaps impressed by the big boys of the Taiwanese accent of sincerity, the interviewer left the zero-based "white".Since then, one brother began the hand and teach him to blow tuba, training once a week, every three to four hours uninterrupted.Fangyao Peng struggling survived, he learned to know the large spectrum of the second year began performing on stage.It is because there is such a "white" spirit, to let Fang Yaopeng buried scientific research.Four-year dormant period, he was one of the first authors of the paper are not published, but usher in "counter-attack" in the fifth year.This allows more confident Fangyao Peng: as long as efforts to pay, the future will continue to "survivor".